Twinfield® 2


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The OCULUS Twinfield® 2 provides you with the very best of our more than 50 years of experience in the perimetry area. This device measures the full field of vision using both automatic, static perimetry and automatic or manual kinetic examinations. The Twinfield® 2 received the express recommendation of the German Ophthalmology Society (DOG) for expert assessment perimetry.

Feature Product

  1. Visual field test up to 90゚
  2. Goldmann standard
  3. Comprehensive visual field tests
  4. Static & manual kinetic perimetry
  5. CLIP, new SPARK strategy and GSP 

Product Features

Static Perimetry

The Twinfield® 2 performs fast and versatile automatic static examinations to measure the central field of vision with a high degree of accuracy. In the macular area, the precision is increased even more by a considerable densification of the test points, and the periphery can be tested using a suitable test grid. The modular setup of the examination programs guarantees that the Twinfield® 2 Perimeter can be adapted to meet all clinical research and daily practice requirements.


Improved Diagnostic Reliability

Additional processes improve the diagnostic reliability of perimetric examinations conducted with the Twinfield® 2 Perimeter. Re-examination of areas of concern independent of the test point grid and remote observation of the patient’s eye increase the reliability of the findings; the expert system Glaucoma Staging Program (GSP)provides valuable support in the analysis of the findings.


Kinetic Perimetry

Exact adherence to the Goldmann Standard allows the Twinfield® 2 to be used for assessment perimetry purposes. Automation of the kinetic examinations increases the reproducibility of the test. Fast and comprehensive testing of the entire field of vision testing is achieved by linking the fully automatic kinetic tests with static testing methods.

The Examination Programs


The pre-defined test programs of the Twinfield® 2 Perimeter have been set up in such a way that you can easily perform the examinations that you require most often. Whether glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, neurological diseases – appropriate examinations are available for them all. Furthermore, the modular setup of these programs enable you to create custom test processes, as all available test point grids can be conveniently combined with all OCULUS test strategies. You can thus extend the comprehensive standard program series to meet your own particular requirements.

The OCULUS Test Strategies

To gain as much information in the shortest possible time – this principle has always been heeded in the development of all OCULUS test strategies.  The SPARK Strategy incorporates data from more than 90,000 diagnoses in a matter of minutes to give precise and stable measurements, especially in Glaucoma detection, diagnosis and progression analysis.  The OCULUS Fast Threshold achieves a similar performance with clever improvements to the classic 4-2 step method.  And since exact numeric values of the perception threshold do not, in many cases, show any priority, the multiple suprathreshold strategies available in the Twinfield® 2 Perimeters offers a faster and more comfortable alternative.

The OCULUS Test Point Grid


Optimally selected examination areas significantly contribute to meaningful visual field findings. The Twinfield® 2 Perimeter Perimeter provides comprehensive, pre-defined test point grids, which cover all areas ranging from the macula area to the entire field of vision. Grids with a higher density of test points in the center, which take account of the physiology of the retina, are the trademark of the Twinfield® 2. Grids with uniform, orthogonally distributed test points along with other grids, such as the Esterman grid, complete the list of available examination areas.

Results Printout


The measuring results of the Twinfield® 2 Perimeter are summarized in the standardized results printout. For threshold-determining examinations, all clinically relevant data are recorded and are shown in various different depictions whereas for suprathreshold tests, only a single informational overview is printed.

SPARK Strategy

The SPARK examination strategy was primarily developed for Glaucoma patients and is available for all OCULUS perimeters. It is based on data from more than 90,000 perimetric diagnoses and allows a very fast, yet very precise measurement of the thresholds in the central field of vision. The modular configuration of the method makes it suitable for a variety of applications:

  • SPARK Precision (Optional software) is the full version. The complete examination of the field of vision of glaucoma patients takes only 3 minutes per eye. The greater stability of the results allows for much better progression analysis.
  • SPARK Quick is the strategy used for progression or screening examinations. The test takes just 1.5 minutes per eye.
  • SPARK Training is ideal for patient training. The 40 second measurement can also be used as a screening examination.

The Spark strategy uses the correlation between different points in Glaucomatous visual fields to considerably expedite the examination.