Twinfield® 2


  • Visual field test up to 90゚
  • Goldmann standard
  • Comprehensive visual field tests
  • Static & manual kinetic perimetry
  • CLIP, new SPARK strategy and GSP 
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Static Perimetry

It performs fast and versatile automatic static examinations to measure the central field of vision with a high degree of accuracy. In the macular area, the precision is increased even more by a considerable densification of the test points, and the periphery can be tested using a suitable test grid. The modular setup of the examination programs guarantees that the Twinfield® 2 Perimeter can be adapted to meet all clinical research and daily practice requirements.


Improved Diagnostic Reliability

Additional processes improve the diagnostic reliability of perimetric examinations conducted with the Twinfield® 2 Perimeter. Re-examination of areas of concern independent of the test point grid and remote observation of the patient’s eye increase the reliability of the findings; the expert system  Glaucoma Staging Program (GSP) provides valuable support in the analysis of the findings.


Kinetic Perimetry

Exact adherence to the Goldmann Standard allows the Twinfield® 2 to be used for assessment perimetry purposes. Automation of the kinetic examinations increases the reproducibility of the test. Fast and comprehensive testing of the entire field of vision testing is achieved by linking the fully automatic kinetic tests with static testing methods.