• Simple and reliable refraction in an attractive design
  • Operation-rich control box
  • Sophisticated refractor head
  • Reliable chart unit
  • Flexible measurement options
  • Easy installation

Detailed Information


Simple and reliable refraction in an attractive design

The TS-310 is a tabletop subjective refraction workstation that integrates chart and refractor into a single unit.

Operation-rich control box

The 5.7-inch color LCD touch screen displays all data with high visibility. Simple, understandable, and comfortable user interfaces ensure an effective operation.

Sophisticated refractor head

Beautiful ergonomic design enhances a stress-free examination environment for both operator and patient, while maintaining superior accuracy.

Reliable chart unit

The TS-310 uniquely uses the same high resolution charts for both distance and near testing. Switching between distant and near is smoothly achieved with a single button push.

Flexible measurement options

Regardless of personal measurement style, or sitting/standing ergonomic preferences, the TS-310 ensures comfortable refractive examinations for patients and operators alike







Source: https://www.nidek-intl.com/product/ophthaloptom/refraction/ref_optometry/ts-310.html