more advance, good performance


Product Features

  1. Combination of auto refractometer, auto keratometer, non contact tonometer and non contact pachymeter
  2. High measurement accuracy
  3. Clinically important functions – accommodation measurement and opacity assessment
  4. User-friendly design
  5. Space saving design that is a comfortable and efficient upgrade to your practice

Product Details

Automated calculation of corrected IOP

The TONOREF III provides the automated calculation function of the corrected IOP based on the central corneal thickness.

Accommodation measurement

Objective measurement of accommodation is performed with patient’s focusing on a target that moves from distance to near.

Opacity assessment

The retro illumination image allows evaluation of media opacity

Large pupil zone imaging method

The large pupil zone imaging method measures the central refraction and a large area refraction.  The difference in the measurement allows assessment of the effect of pupil size on vision under mesopic conditions

Double mire ring method

Keratometry measurements performed with the mire ring method reduces interference from the eyelids.  The TONOREF III performs measurements at diameters of 3.3 mm and 2.5 mm.  Comparison of the two values allows a better understanding of the cornea shape.

Patient-friendly air puff

Automatic Puff Control (APC)

In subsequent measurement, the APC function performs the measurement with the minimum air pressure based on the previous measurement data.

A gentle nozzle design reduces patient’s perception of physical pressure