• Stands out with a very small footprint
  • Easy Operation
  • Increased Diagnostic Reliability
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Detailed Information


Examination Programs

The Smartfield is equipped with a set of predefined programs for the most frequently needed examination routines of the central visual field or the macular area. A default program for the periphery is also included. The program list can be easily extended according to specific requirements by combining the available test patterns and test strategies.

OCULUS Test Strategies

The Smartfield features the innovative SPARK test strategy for faster and more stable threshold measurements in glaucoma patients. Rounding off the testing capabilities of the Smartfield is the complete set of traditional OCULUS test methods, including threshold and suprathreshold strategies. The classical 4-2 dB staircase strategy (Threshold) uses two reversals in the patient’s answer to deliver a threshold value in each tested point. The OCULUS Fast Threshold strategy is a clever improvement over the classical procedure which reduces examination time by using variable steps and taking advantage of already measured locations. Suprathreshold strategies like the 2-zone or 3-zone strategy offer a quick overview of the visual field.