• Smooth, quick, silent lens selection
  • R/L independent PD adjustment for improved precision
  • Clear, white LED illumination
  • High quality near point card

Detailed Information


High-performance color LCD touch screen

The color LCD touch screen can display a great deal of information, including near vision charts, and vision / refraction diagrams.

Jog dial with S / C / A mode key

The jog dial on the control box provides smooth operation.
The S / C / A mode key on the center of dial allows the operator to quickly change sphere, cylinder and axis powers
using only one hand.

Built-In High Speed Line Printer

The RT-3100’s control box includes a built-in, high-speed printer. It automatically prints out the measured results, and the data is simply laid out so that operator can easily explain to patients. Replacing the paper is totally effortless and takes only a few seconds.


Source: https://www.nidek-intl.com/product/ophthaloptom/refraction/ref_optometry/rt-3100.html