Pentacam® AXL


  • The ultimate multimodal imaging platform
  • Automatic measurement activation with quality test

Detailed Information


IOL Calculator

  • comprehensive IOL planning
  • IOL calculation
  • documentation
  • constant optimization

Fast Screening Report

The Fast Screening Report provides a quick and simple overview that allows detection of irregularities in the anterior eye segment. Further displays for evaluating such irregularities in detail can be accessed via the navigation bar. Parameters are displayed against their normal distribution in healthy (green) as well as affected (red) populations as reported in published studies. The publication used in each case is identified under “Literature”. This display does not purport to give any kind of diagnosis. Diagnoses are the sole responsibility of the ophthalmologist and must be based on the entirety of information available.


The rotating measurement principle guarantees high resolution output for the central cornea. The topographic analysis of the anterior and posterior corneal surfaces is based on the measured elevation data.

  • Display of sagittal and tangential curvature of radius and refractive power
  • Various elevation maps based on freely selectable reference surfaces
  • Determination of true net corneal power with due consideration also to the posterior corneal surface
  • Various four-map displays with default or freely configurable settings
  • Subtractive and comparative representations of various examinations

Belin ABCD Progression Display

  • Keratoconus progression for up to eight exams per eye
  • Direct comparison of right and left eye
  • Retrospective application


The rotatable, pivotable 3D model of the eye proves to be an enormous help when consulting with patients, as it permits the patient to see his or her eye from all sides so that irregularities can easily be explained. It provides a view of the anterior segment as a whole as well as separate views of the cornea and crystalline lens.