The PARK1® combines a non-contact pachymeter, auto-refractometer and keratometer in one unit. In addition to the objective refraction, the keratometer values and the pachymetry can be determined with precision in a matter of seconds with the PARK 1®.

The integrated patient data management system facilitates the organization of the data and ensures patient-friendly contact lens fitting. Thanks to its space-saving, compact design, this award-winning unit is ideal for use in every ophthalmology practice.

Product Features

Up to Three Measurements in a Matter of Seconds

  • Auto-refractor
  • Keratometer
  • Pachymeter (optional)

Contact Lens Database

The integrated contact lens database for soft contact lenses (sph, tor, multifocal) supplies a list of recommendations based on the objectively measured data. Individually adjustable parameters, such as subjective refraction, wear duration and contact lens type, allow the patient’s preferences to be taken into consideration.



Menu navigation on the touchscreen ensures intuitive and easy operation.


Automatic Measurement Release

The automatic measurement release provides reproducible measuring results in a matter of seconds:

  • Objective refraction values
  • Keratometer values
  • Pachymetry in the apex
  • Diameter of the cornea
  • Pupil diameter
  • Far PD


RED DOT Award – Design-Prize

The PARK 1® won the RED DOT Award for its slim, ergonomic, space-saving design.


Measurement of the objective refraction data in seconds, with reproducible results. Specification of a quality factor provides information about the usability or the quality of the conducted measurement. The reliably determined data come very close to the subjective refraction.


The integrated, distance-independent keratometer guarantees measurement of the central radii with the greatest of accuracy.


The optional, non-contact pachymetry is based on Scheimpflug images and makes precise non-contact measurement of the corneal thickness possible.

  • Measurement of the corneal thickness in the apex and the minimum corneal thickness in the entire measuring area
  • Measurement of 600 absolute height values on a horizontal
    4 mm cut through the apex
  • Presentation of the corneal thickness profile in the form of a diagram. Automatic adjustment of the scaling of the Pachymetry measurements for better presentation of the individual thicknesses
  • Pachymetry-based correction of the separately measured intraocular pressure


Optional Database for Soft Contact Lenses
with Fitting Recommendation

  • Fitting recommendation for soft contact lenses (based on the objective refraction, corneal diameter and central corneal radii measurements)
  • Adaptable list of contact lenses in the unit
  • The stabilization axis can be taken into account for fitting toric lenses
  • Over-refraction support
  • OxiMap® – Visualization of the oxygen transmissibility of soft contact lenses

Automatic Measurement Release

Thanks to the automatic measurement release, you always get reproducible measuring results. The diameters of the pupil and cornea, and the pupillary distance are determined automatically. Manual measurement is no longer necessary.