Multifunction Edger


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Product Information

  • Automatic 3-D drilling and grooving
  • Safety beveling
  • Processing mode for various kinds of lens materials
  • Advanced shape editor
  • User-friendly LCD touch screen

Product Details

Automatic 3-D drilling and grooving

The 3-D drilling function enables the operator to create various hole shapes such as slots, notches, countersunk holes, and jewel holes. The 3-D grooving processes lens with pin-point accuracy resulting in highly attractive lens periphery regardless of lens shape, curve, and thickness.

Processing mode for various kinds of lens materials

The Me 900 can process a various kinds of lens materials. It is even equipped with the processing mode for polyurethane lens, used as polarized lens for sunglasses.

User-friendly operability

The Me 900 allows user-friendly operability with the 8.4-inch color touch screen, intelligible display design, and jog dial. Even first-time users can easily operate the Me 900 with the assistance of the Information Bar displayed at the top of screen.

The availability of the products differs from country to country depending on the status of approval in each country. Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.