• Instant documentation of the iridocorneal angle in real-color photographs
  • Freeing up time for the clinicians to assess and plan treatment
  • Automated circumferential goniophotography

Detailed Information


Automated gonioscopy

Document. Assess. Plan.
A picture is worth a thousand words

Instant documentation with the GS-1

The GS-1 instantly documents the iridocorneal angle in real-color photographs and stores them in the device. Hence, there is no need for detailed drawing or sketches in the patient chart to record angle pathology. Photographs from the GS-1 can be attached to the patient file or chart. Documentation with the GS-1 is far simpler and much more definitive than subjective sketches of pathology.

Documentation to be shared

Assessment of angle structure and pathology is easily facilitated by reviewing the digital photographs during clinical evaluation rather than performing manual gonioscopy. The digital photographs from the GS-1 can be shared from technicians to clinicians, with fellow clinicians, the referring physicians and patients, alongside complete documentation of GS-1 findings.

Assess and plan with documentation

The GS-1 frees up time for the clinicians to assess and plan treatment. The digital goniophotographs add the convenience of re-assessing the entire angle at any time. High resolution color photographs enhance the quality of assessment and allow comprehensive follow-up.

Automated circumferential goniophotography

An internal optical system automatically rotates and acquires color photographs of the iridocorneal angle in 16 directions / 360 degrees documenting the entire angle. Each direction can be captured in 17 different foci, enabling a versatile approach to iridocorneal angle photography.

Export images

The images acquired by the GS-1 can be displayed as a single image, with circular stitching, or linear stitching. In addition to detailed assessment with single image, stitching allows localization of features/pathologies within the entire angle. High-resolution color images are exported in JPEG, PNG and PDF files.