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Detailed Information

Compact Corneal Topographer

The Easygraph combines small construction with grand technology. The tried and tested measuring system is identical to that of the keratograph. This compact topographer is a combination of a topography system and an integrated keratometer. In the non-contact examination process, 22 000 measuring points are used to map the cornea. Digital image transmission and automatic release guarantee the best possible reproducibility.

Simple Mounting on the Slit Lamp

The Easygraph comes complete with a slit lamp adapter and holder. These make it easy to move the Easygraph from the work position to the idle position. After using the Easygraph, you can resume the examination with the slit lamp as normal.

Precise Measurement, Easy-to-Understand Presentation

Precise measurement is the basis for many types of analysis. Graphic presentation of the data supports you in the evaluation and quantitative assessment of the corneal topography:

  • Overview with camera image and color map
  • 3D and 2D display
  • Various color maps
  • Plot of the Fourier analysis
  • Refractive map
  • Height map of the topography data
  • Map of the sagittal and tangential radii
  • Comparison of different examination results for follow-up purposes


Source: http://www.oculus.de/en/products/topography/easygraph/functions/#produkte_navi