Digital Medical Scope


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Product Information

  1. Wide range of interchangeable lenses
  2. Improved informed consent
  3. Easy and quick image filing
  4. Excellent portability
  5. Easy one-handed operation

Product Details

Wide range of interchangeable lenses

Interchangeable lens adapters allows the use in various medical applications such as an ophthalmoscope, anterior eye segment scope, otoscope, and dermatoscope.

Improved informed consent

Captured images can be displayed directly on the 3.5-inch color LCD monitor with a 2X magnification or on the sub monitor∗, which facilitates easier patient education and informed consent.

∗AV output of VersaCam™ conforms with NTSC format.

Easy and quick image filing

Captured images can be imported to image filing software. As one of which, NAVIS-EX is available. About 80,000 images can be saved on a micro SD memory card.

Excellent portability

The VersaCam™ is easily portable, weighing only 400 g including the ophthalmoscope adapter. A lithium-ion battery provides up to 3 hours of continuous operation.

Easy one-handed operation

The user friendly design enables the easy one-handed operation.