• Bloodless method
  • Leaves no scar or scar is “noncolloidal”
  • In most cases anesthesia is not needed
  • Treatments can be single or multi-stage

Detailed Information


No Power supply is needed

Cooling medium (kept in steel cylinder under presure ) 

  • Nitrous oxide (N2O).
  • Carbon dioxide (medical CO2)

Operating pressure

  • Nitrous oxide (N2O)- 3.5÷5 MPa
  • Carbon dioxide (medical CO2)- 5.5 MPa

Pressure gauge and adjustment system

  • After the cylinder valve is opened, internal circuit of the device is filled with gas under pressure: yellow 0 – 20 bar: end-piece  cleaning  pressure / blue 25 – 50 bar: standard operating pressure / red 60 – 80 bar: overpressure

Operation mode selector 

  • Two operations mode: steady and freezing modes

Comfortable foot switching controller 

Estetic gas cylinder cover