Effective Care Solution For Healthier Eyes

Works with all soft contact


1. Strong disinfectant efficacy due to povidone-iodine

The component povidone-iodine is a broad spectrum antibacterial disinfectant, and it exhibits strong disinfectant efficacy not only against the stand-alone standard strain as defined by ISO 14729 but even against clinical isolates and Acanthamoeba that are resistant to disinfectants.

Benefit for patient 

   * The risk of development of ocular infection can be reduced.

The disinfecting component povidone-iodine has a wide antibacterial spectrum, and microorganisms adhering to the contact lenses are effectively destroyed by cleaning.

Disinfection mechanism of povidone-iodine

H2O+ that is generated by oxidation of water by free iodine shows the bactericidal action by reacting with the membranous protein (-SH group, tyrosine, histidine) of bacterial and viral surface.

2. Excellent cleaning efficacy due to proteolytic enzyme

Protein contamination adhering to the lenses is strongly disintegrated, and the lenses are cleared by incorporating the cleaning component proteolytic enzyme in the tow-layered tablet.

Benefit for patient 

   * Contact lenses can be worn with comfort.

3. Highly safe for the eyes

The incorporated povidone-iodine concentration is safe for the corneas and conjunctivae.  It has been confirmed that the compatibility with Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses is extremely good,

Benefit for patient 

   * It can be used safely in all frequent replacement soft contact lenses.





Povidone-iodine exhibits strong disinfectant efficacy not only against the standard strain but also against clinical isolates.  In addition to Planktonic bacteria, Adhering bacteria that are hard to be destroyed by cleansing can also be destroyed.

  • Stand-alone test bacteria (standard strain)





Testing method: 1.0 X 10^5 ~ 10^6 cfu/mL Test bacteria are added to the disinfectant on the basis of the stand-alone test and made to stand for the period as directed. The viable bacterial count after that is measured.