•  Highly safe and effective povidone iodine is used as disinfectant
  • The only disinfectant for soft contact lenses containing proteolytic enzyme which removes protein deposits in every application and keeps lenses clean
  • Can be used for all soft contact lenses

Instruction – Ophtecs cleadew


Detailed Information


Disinfection efficacy

Povidone iodine is a fast-acting disinfectant with a wide antibacterial spectrum. It exhibits strong disinfection efficacy against bacteria, fungi, viruses,and acanthamoeba as compared with other disinfectants.

Cleaning efficacy

The proteolytic enzyme completely removes daily contaminants.

cleadew is a proteolytic enzyme-containing disinfectant for soft contact lenses. It consistently removes protein on the lens at each application.


Povidone iodine is a disinfectant with low cytotoxicity and little eye irritation.