Aktis SP

Tinted and Aspheric Single-piece IOL

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Product Information

  • Blast finishing on loop surface to reduce adherence
  • Anchor wing loop to secure intracapsular fixation
  • Asperitic optic side surface to reduce intraocular reflection
  • 360° square edge to reduce PCO

Product Details


Product name Nex-Acri AA 1P
Model NS-60YG
Optic material Yellow tinted hydrophobic soft acrylic
Haptic material Yellow tinted hydrophobic soft acrylic
Diopter range 1.0 to 10.0 D (1.0 D increments)
10.0 to 27.0 D (0.5 D increments)
27.0 to 30.0 D (1.0 D increments)
The availability of the products differs from country to country depending on the status of approval in each country. Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.