• 22mm Inter-optical Path Distance
  • Converging Binocular Tubes
  • New Helicoid Mechanism
  • Base-lock Mechanism
  • Joystick Handle and Pushbutton
  • Illumination Unit – Designed with Ease of Use in Mind

Detailed Information


22mm Inter-optical Path Distance

As a general rule, the longer the distance between the two optical paths, the better the stereoscopic view, but the narrower the binocular field of view in fundus examination. In reverse, the shorter the distance between the optical paths, the poorer the stereoscopic view, but the wider the binocular field of view in fundus examination.

With this in mind, we have achieved optics suitable for fundus examination by choosing the optimal 22mm as the inter-optical path distance.

Converging Binocular Tubes

300XL’s binocular tubes with a 6-degree convergence provide easy binocular fusion, ensuring stress-free observation.

Advanced multi-coating is applied to all lenses used in the microscope for excellent optical performance; bright images free from flare and ghost are obtained, improving the quality of examination and treatment.

New Helicoid Mechanism

As the diopter adjustment rings do not rotate with the eye caps, the selected diopters will not be accidentally changed during use.

In addition, the 12.5x high-eye point wide-field eyepieces enable observation over a wider field.

Base-lock Mechanism

The lock ring at the foot of the joystick easily locks and releases the longitudinal and lateral movement of the base unit.

Joystick Handle and Pushbutton

New joystick design uses silver metallic and moulded resin finish. The new ergonomic mechanism used in the pushbutton has improved ease of operation.

Illumination Unit – Designed with Ease of Use in Mind

The filter dial, slit-length adjusting knob, slit rotation knob, and slit-width adjusting knob on the illumination unit are arranged for ease of use.

The slit-width adjusting knob can be rotated endlessly, and allows the slit width to be varied continuously from fully closed to fully open.


Source: https://www.takagi-j.com/en/slit-lamps/300xl-slitlamp/